We want to thank you for all the God-inspired nutritional guidance you have given to our family and to give an account of the amazing transformation we have seen in Ally over the past 14 months.  Below is a testimonial you can use for any purpose you deem appropriate….

Our daughter struggled from a very early age with chronic stomach aches, wild mood swings and difficulty concentrating which affected her school work and personal relationships.  As a family, we always tried to eat “healthy”, according to the SAD diet (Standard American Diet), but our daughter was constantly hungry.  Sometimes she would eat until she felt sick as she lacked the ability to know when she was full. Her issues were a growing concern as she developed into a pre-teen.  She was gaining excess weight (she was probably 30lbs over her ideal weight) and school work was becoming increasing difficult for her to finish without an emotional breakdown. We sought the advice of medical doctors and nutritionists but nothing worked.  In June 2012, we were referred to Sharon by a friend.  We were immediately optimistic when Sharon opened our meeting in prayer.  We believed the approach to nutritional healing Sharon proposed was truly an answer to our prayers but the proof would be in the results.Under Sharon’s guidance and support, our daughter began the GAPS diet, along with supplements tailored to her specific needs.  Within three months we saw amazing changes.  She no longer suffered by the constant stomach aches, she was losing weight and was more active.  We also noticed that her mood swings were nearly eliminated!  She was transforming into the amazing young lady that she is today.Our daughter went from being a struggling C student, to getting all A’s & B’s.  To whereas we used to spend an average of 2 hours per night helping her with her homework (not an exaggeration), she now completes it in a fraction of the time (mostly on her own) and never with a fight or tears being shed!  From age 12 to 13, her weight dropped by 30lbs and she has kept it off to this day (we never talk about dieting or weight but only focus on eating healthy).  Her skin has a much healthier look to it, she now has an amazing, easy-going attitude and she is a joy to be around.  We are so proud of her!

“The summer of 2012 was an amazing time for our family.  All of our lives changed for the better that summer!  We could not have done it without Sharon.  We praise our Lord so often for answering our prayers.”

The Borgeson’s


“Sharon helped changed my life through her absolutely positive and supportive guidance through the GAPS Diet. I had been diagnosed with anxiety at a young age and as soon as I became a teenager I developed severe depression. My eating habits were terrible as a result of the depression. As I became more emotionally distressed I would resort to typical “comfort foods” for solace. It became a vicious cycle of eating terribly and feeling terribly. Right before my 18th birthday, my body finally gave up. I was in constant pain. Anything I ate or drank made me absolutely nauseous. I was having migraines almost every day of the week. I was also more overweight than I wanted to ever be. We went to doctors first, but they continued to supply me with prescriptions to (poorly) cover the symptoms. My mother and I were becoming desperate for a solution to this problem.

One of our family friends pointed us towards Dr. Mai and instantly we received explanations for why my body was fighting against me.

Dr. Mai then referred me to Sharon and we had the most thorough discussion I’ve ever had with a health service provider. I really did believe she cared about how I was feeling and that she wanted to help. We all agreed that I should begin the GAPS Diet and see how my body could benefit from it.

Although I was a college student and artist, it didn’t seem too impossible.

The first week and a half of the diet was intense and I was having terrible die off symptoms from the probiotics. However I knew that it meant my body was really cleansing itself of the years of toxins I had put into it. But soon after, I began to feel better. I was less irritable. I was not nauseous all the time and all of the pains and cramps faded away. It was difficult watching my friends enjoy their foods, but after realizing how much healthier and happier I was becoming, I stopped wanting what they had.

Everything came into balance, and I progressed into what I feel is the healthiest I’ve ever been, thanks to the support and care of Sharon.”

C. Martinez, San Diego, CA

Crohn’s Disease

“I feel so blessed to be a client of Sharon’s.  I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without her guidance, her extensive knowledge, and her constant support. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2011 and I was suffering severely both physically and emotionally from this cruel and debilitating illness. I was housebound, barely able to walk, and I was facing a very bleak future as described to me by my doctors. As devastatingly ill as I was when I first met Sharon, it is nothing short of miraculous the healing and restoration that has occurred in my body.  I still marvel almost everyday at how far I have come and my heart is filled with gratitude that Sharon has led me here!
The first time I met with Sharon I knew I’d finally found the practitioner I was searching for. Her kindness, knowledge and genuine caring shines through instantaneously. I felt a sense of peace, ease, and relief during our first meeting. It was as if I could finally breathe.  Sharon has been there and continues to be there every step of this healing journey. She is a remarkable healer, dedicated and completely invested in her patient’s healing and well-being.  She is someone who has met my every anxiety and worry with reassurance and ease, who has answered each question and concern whether it is a weekday or weekend and she is someone who I trust completely with my body’s health. I don’t have the words to thank her for all she has done for me, not only for the miraculous feat of healing my body but also for but also for giving me hope when I had none. Sharon has guided me to health and has given me the ability to live a full and meaningful life!”

From an email I sent Sharon while traveling for the first time in over 3 years:

” I couldn’t hold back the tears in my eyes as I gazed out the airplane window, soaking in a view I never thought I’d see again, the magnificent cloud tops. At this moment my heart swelled, filling with such gratitude and appreciation. I wouldn’t be here without your help, support and guidance. How could I possibly thank you enough for helping me reclaim my life!!! Thank you Sharon with all my heart!!!”

Sarah V.

Diarrhea, failure to thrive for 18 month old


“My family started working with Sharon Brown shortly after our daughter turned 3. Olive had a variety of digestive issues from the age of 18 months.

She had dealt with chronic diarrhea ranging in odors, colors and textures, a distended hard belly, gas, tummy aches, irritability, poor sleep, low energy, and tiny stature. I had taken her to the pediatrician on numerous occasions, only to be told she had ‘toddler diarrhea’ which had no explanation and would supposedly ‘resolve itself’. After weeks of continued diarrhea, I refused to wait it out any longer as I felt this just wasn’t right. I insisted on testing, so we did some blood work and stool analysis, in addition to 2 variations of tests for Celiac disease. Everything came back normal so we moved on. We then took her to see a pediatric gastroenterologist who brushed us off and basically repeated the ‘toddler diarrhea’ theory. We also went to see an allergist and a pediatric endocrinologist, neither of which was any more helpful. The endocrinologist was concerned about her size (she was in the 7th percentile for her weight and below the 1st percentile for her height) and wanted to monitor her growth every 6 months. I was certain that her body was not properly processing or digesting her food, therefore she couldn’t absorb the necessary nutrients she needed to thrive and grow.

Along the path of visiting with various specialists, we also did some independent food sensitivity testing. She came back positive with sensitivities to 60 various foods, including basics such as carrots, broccoli, lentils, garlic and vanilla! I worked VERY hard for several months to prepare all of her meals without those 60 foods, which was sure hard to do. We saw some improvement on this limited diet, but not enough. Olive, a bright and very verbal child, was still not potty trained at 3 and had shown zero interest in the toilet. I’m sure this was due to the fact that she was constantly battling diarrhea and could in no way predict when her next bowel movement would be coming.

This brings us to the point at which we began consulting with Sharon. I have come to believe that Sharon is an otherworldly angel. She rescued us from a very sad and hopeless place. We had been researching and consulting along so many avenues for one and a half years with very little progress or change and were beginning to give up hope of finding help for Olive. During our first lengthy and detail packed consult, I immediately felt reassurance and a gleam of hope for Olive’s digestive future. Sharon was so knowledgeable and provided thorough and researched responses to all of my questions and concerns. She was patient and understanding, and could even back up her recommendations with personal experiences of using the GAPS diet for both herself and her children. We were absolutely convinced that the GAPS diet would be the right answer for Olive and were eager to get started.

To be honest, starting the GAPS Intro Diet was quite challenging. We decided to put the entire family on the diet, as we figured we could all benefit from this healthier way of eating and elimination of sugars and processed foods. The first few weeks were difficult, but Sharon’s never ending support, cheerleading, and confidence in the process pulled us through. She was readily available by phone and email to answer my burning questions, offer support and suggest resources. She provided recipes and recommendations on which products to purchase and where to find them. Sharon was such a solid rock of information and support, I really don’t think we could have endured the process without her.

 The GAPS Diet has made a world of difference for Olive. She has been on it for 6 months now and has shown great improvement. She is now fully potty trained, as a direct result of having healthier stools. She has greater energy, is sleeping solidly through the night, and is much less irritable.

The distended belly and gas have disappeared! As an added bonus, our entire family has benefited from eating on the GAPS Diet. I have a history of hormonal imbalances, which caused irregular and long cycles. After 2 months on GAPS my periods were regular and 28-30 days in length for the first time in my life! My husband felt greater energy and lost weight. We have found numerous recipes, even treats which our entire family enjoys. In fact, if my husband and I go out and ‘cheat’, we usually find that the food doesn’t even taste as great as what we have at home, and often have digestive repercussions as a result.I truly cannot say enough good things about the wealth of knowledge, information, resources and support that Sharon provides. I would highly recommend her services to anyone battling digestive disorders.”

S.Trom, mother of toddler Olive.


“I was suffering from Inflammation, age spots, brain fog, and allergies to name a few. I was asked by my wife to participate with her in the GAPS Diet to support her efforts to get healthy. I was told by our nutritionist, Sharon Brown, that I would also feel much better through this diet. After participating in the diet, I have discovered a list of ailments that I had, up to this point, accepted as a part of growing old (49 years old), quickly resolving themselves. The list included facial dry skin, “age” spots on hands and arms, increasing “brain fogginess”, increasing inability to focus/concentrate on projects, pasty looking skin, joint stiffness particularly in the morning, poor sleep patterns (partially due to shoulder pain/stiffness), pre-arthritic symptoms in my fingers and regular occurrence of allergic reactions (sneezing, wheezing, congestion, stuffy nose, etc.).

In addition, I had been a regular ibuprofen user, taking 3 to 6 tablets throughout the day to address the pain associated with achy joints, foot pain and headaches!!

After two short weeks, although I was happy to lose weight (approximately 10 pounds) I found that my all my above listed symptoms were resolving. Most prominently was the loss of the stiffness of muscles and joints giving me a sense that I had been “oiled” like the tin man in the Wizard of Oz! Sharon shared that the regular use of anti-inflammatory medications was a detriment to my body as my body was not being given a chance to completely heal. I can report that I have no need for ibuprofen after decades of use. I was overjoyed to find that my brain is no longer “foggy” and I no longer suffer shoulder pain as I sleep. Additionally, I find that I do not get sick or lethargic as I did before experiencing this new way of wellness. It has also had a positive impact to our entire family’s health, resulting in a dramatic health savings as we rarely get sick and better understand how to live a life of wellness. I am so thankful to Sharon for her expertise, guidance and patience in teaching us how to be well in a very simple way.”

Mark, 49-year old male